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The Hallicrafters FPM-200 transceiver is one of the rarest of all Hallicrafter units. With only 25 produced, the FPM-200 was the rig of the future for the Hallicrafter line and an extraordinay technical innovation. Using the newly developed GE transistors, printed circuit boards and numerous other advances, in 1959 list price was
$ 2660.00. I also have the AC Power supply and mobile mounting bracket. This unit is fully operational, on a scale of 1 to 10 I give it an 8 or 9.

This transceiver was the last HF equipment produced for the Amateur Radio Market under the Hallicrafter name. The FPM-300 was a hybrid rig that was a solid state with the exception of a 12BY7 driver and a 6KD6 final. The power output was 100 watts. The Hallicrafter FPM-300 Mark II Transceiver was manufactured in
1974 and sold for $ 625.00

The Globe Scout 65A was made by World Radio Labs in Council Bluffs, Iowa. It was designed to provide the amateur, Novice or Experienced, with a complete mobile or fixed station transmitter. FINAL POWER INPUT: 65 watts CW, 50 watts phone OUTPUT: Coaxial into 52 to 1000 ohm antenna OSCILLATOR: Crystal or VFO BAND COVERAGE: 160 meters through 10 meters with generous overlap between bands 

  • Amateur HF transceiver Frequency range: 10-80 m Mode: SSB/CW/AM RF Power output: 150 W.

    Amateur HF transceiver Frequency range: 10-160 m Mode: SSB/CW RF Power output: Max 100 W Sensitivity: 0.25 uV S+N/N 10 dB or more Selectivity: SSB: 2.4 KHz 4.4 KHz CW: 0.5 KHz, 1.5 KHz with optional CW filter.

    Gonset G-43 general coverage reciever also know as # 3241. It is a single conversion, superhetrodyne 8-tupe receiver covering 540-30 MHz. The speaker is built in.

    This receiver is made by Hallicrafters and covers the AM and FM broadcast bands.