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The name here is Arlon Nelson "Nels" and I'm located at Minot, ND. I have been a ham operator since 1954 and currently hold the Extra Class license. My interests are Slow Scan and Digital satellites. We are located in the central part of beautiful North Dakota.

For a complete biography on W0TUP click here.

"A Life Time Member Teddy Roosevelt Amateur Radio Club Dickinson, ND"
"SVARC Souris Valley Amateur Radio Club in Minot"

Fist Member # 8610
Fists WAS Award # 143
Platinum Award # 365
Century Club Award # 1310
Silver Award # 367


  My Boat Anchor Collection.

My QSL Cards.

The very end of the Internet.

Just when you thought you knew how this stuff works. Check out the Darksucker theory.

The Minot 16th Ave. Webcam.

Hey! Don't leave without sending me Email. Or I'll sneak up and drive a nail in your coax.

Click image above to send email, if you have any comments, suggestions or just want to say HELLO. Always glad to hear from you.....

73's Nels

"Popular SSTV Frequencies: 1916 khz-3813 khz-7171 khz-14230 khz-14233 khz-21340 khz- 28680 khz"

"Popular Digital Frequencies: 7228 Khz 1730Z, 14233 2100Z, 18.1625 Mhz 1330Z, 2100Z, 21340, 29550 FM, 145.500 2MTRS FM" Any popular SSTV frequency is fair game so far!

Check out SSTV Net which meets 7 days a week at 1500Z to 1730Z on 7.228 Mhz. Net Control is KB1HJ

SSTV Links

SSTV Web Site
  • KB4YZ SSTV Web Page
  • W2PQC SSTV Page
  • WM8C's Ham Links

  • Try some of the new hot DIGITAL MODES

  • HAMSCOPE Ver 1.56 supports PSK31,RTTY,CW,MFSK,PACKET with rig control
  • DIGIPAN Ver 2.0 Best freeware program for PSK31.
  • MIXW32 Ver. 3.0 Rtty Plus Psk.
  • MMTTY Program for Rtty Win 98/NT/XP

  • Excellant Software from Russia

  • TrueTTY Ver v2.85 Beta Send and receive RTTY using the sound card.
  • CwType Ver 2.10 Send CW using the computer software by UA9OSV.
  • CwGet Ver 2.26 Receive CW using the computer software by UA9OSV.

  • Other Amateur Links

  • Pictures of rigs, Manual, Diagrams for download
  • N5HQ's Amateur Radio Home Page
  • Ham Radio Online Magazine
  • ARRL
  • W6BHZ - Cal Poly Amateur Radio Club
  • FCC Callsign lookup

  • Amateur Radio Retail Stores.

  • Durham Radio Sales
  • All Electronics Corportation
  • Amateur Electronics Supply
  • Svetlana Electronics (Tubes)
  • Ham Radio Outlet
  • Mouse Electronics
  • Radio City Inc.

  • Radios

  • Alinco
  • Icom
  • Kenwood
  • Yaesu

  • W0TUP Equipment

  • Icom IC-7600 & IC-7000 Plus Icom IC-2KL Solid State Amplifier & Heathkit SB-220
  • HyGain TH-3 MK4 3 element beam at 35 feet
  • Lenova Computer running Windows 7

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