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Local Scanner Frequencies  

North Dakota Super Link Map

SuperLINK is a special network of amateur radio "repeaters" that was developed for SKYWARN severe weather operations involving amateur radio operators. 

Accessing SuperLINK

1. Access the 2 meter repeater in you local area and ID.
2. Indicate your intentions of accessing the SuperLINK.
3. Key in the code for your local repeater using the tone pad.
4. LISTEN to hear the link acknowledge your access.
5. LISTEN for anybody else using the SuperLINK.
6. If the link is clear, key in the code for the destination repeater.
7. LISTEN to hear the link acknowledge your access to the destination repeater.
8. LISTEN for anybody using the destination repeater.
9. If the destination repeater is clear then make your call.
10.  WAIT about 2 seconds before talking each time you key your mic. This will allow the link to connect all nodes used in your communication.

Leaving the SuperLINK

1. Key in the number 1 and then the 3 digit code for the destination repeater.
2. LISTEN to hear the destination repeater acknowledge your request.
3. Key in the number 1 and then the 3 digit code for your repeater.
4. LISTEN to hear your repeater acknowledge your request


North Dakota West Link Map


Beach - 146.730 MHz Bismarck - 146.850 MHz or 146.940 MHz Bowman - 145.310 MHz
Carrington - 146.670 MHz Devils Lake-146.880 Dickinson - 146.820 MHz
Grand Forks (local)-146.940 Grand Forks area-146.700 Hannover - 145.430 MHz
Jamestown - 147.180 MHz Killdeer - 146.640 MHz Minot - 147.270mhz :100 tx tone, 146.970MHz :100 tx tone.
Maddock-147.240 New Salem - 146.520 MHz Northern Red River Valley -145.470
Southern Red River Valley -147.060 Stanley - 146.610 MHz Williston - 147.210 MHz
Kenmare-147.360mhz: 100 tx tone. Minot 444.800+  

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